Women Can Look Fabulous in Glasses

Do men make passes to girls who wear glasses? Of course they do, men love women in glasses. The key to being alluring is to make sure that you are wearing the right kind of glasses.

Men like women who look and feel confident. Part of obtaining that look can include several basic tips. These tips seem simple but when combined together they create a very sexy look!

1. Good grooming. This can almost go without saying but some women need reminding it seems. Clean and attractive hair that has been cut in a flattering style. Clothes that are clean and pressed with coordinating colors. Well polished nails and shoes will make you look good from tip to toe!

2. A warm and friendly smile. Brush and floss your teeth to create the perfect smile and don't forget the mouthwash. You want to have a clean and refreshing mouth for that first kiss.

3. Stand up straight. Remember when your mother used to nag you about standing up straight? Your mother was right, good posture will make you look graceful and self confident. When you hold your head you're telling the world that nothing can stop you!

4. Speak softly, but firmly. Don't use wimpy little girl language. Think about what you're going to say before you say. Enunciate your words so people will understand what you are saying. Speaking clearly creates an image of knowledge and education. Expand you vocabulary, if you don't know what a word means look it up.

5. Maintain eye contact. Look that man right in the eyes. Don't stare just hold the look for a little longer than you normally do. Direct eye contact is an unconscious way of saying "I'm available."

Now you're reading for the final icing on the cake. Those fabulous glasses! Feeling a little animalistic? Then pick the flirty animal print. Want to play it more subdued? Then pick your favorite pink rhinestone pair. Do you want to appear more business like? Then pick those attractive librarian readers. You know the ones with the tortoise brown Harry Potter style. Okay ladies, go get 'em!